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As a Catholic School and a learning community we actively engage in partnerships with a wide range of different organisations and community groups. We value partnerships and collaboration as vital mechanisms to continually enhance the level of service we provide to both pupils and staff at Saint John Wall.

In addition, we strive to share our skills and expertise with others so that we can influence and enable improvements to education across the Birmingham Archdiocese, West Midlands region and beyond.

bet36亚洲版有5名员工,他们分别是教育专家领导(SLEs)和Marston小姐, our Headteacher, is a Local Leader in Education (LLE). bet36亚洲版的州长都是有经验的学校领导和实践者,还有奎因先生, Vice Chair, is a National Leader of Education (NLE). 

Here are examples of our involvement in partnerships:

Birmingham Diocesan Education Service (BDES)
BDES支持伯明翰大主教管区的所有天主教小学和中学. 劳埃德-普莱斯先生作为天主教生活(PICCL)负责人和再保险负责人与理查德·史密斯密切合作, in his role as Secondary RE Advisor. bet36亚洲版有定期的伙伴会议,包括天主教生活和RE. 这些会议可让piccl和部门主管会面并分享良好做法, resources and ideas. These meetings often lead to new relationships forming between local Catholic schools to further strengthen the Catholic education offer to the children of Birmingham. BDES还为学校提供管理方面的建议和指导, premises, policies, finance and other matters linked to our Catholic School status.

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泰坦的会员资格为中高层领导提供了交流的机会. Titan还协调当地的分享小组,以减少bet36亚洲版学校的排斥. Titan helped provide the school with additional technology devices during the pandemic and they organise a variety of enrichment opportunities for pupils such as careers and STEM events. Titan与bet36亚洲版密切合作,协调DLP的投标,他们响应学生和工作人员的需求, 例如:为校长安排协作会议,讨论covid指导意见, 并与减少暴力单位联系以应对当地社区的问题. 最近,Titan让bet36亚洲版加入了“学校4inclusion”国际项目,他们运行了一个“平等”项目, Diversity and Inclusion group which we participate in.  Quote: "As a member of Titan Partnership, St John Wall are part of a network of schools, colleges and universities exceptional in their commitment to making a real difference to the lives of children and young people in Birmingham."
Quote: "The Titan Partnership brings schools in the north west of the city together to collaborate in supporting vulnerable children through the Sharing Panel. The Panel members work closely to place and support pupils who need an opportunity to fulfil their potential in a new environment. 西北共享小组每年成功地安置了许多弱势学生."

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South Birmingham SCITT:
Miss Lake is a professional tutor for South Birmingham SCITT and says; "I oversee the progress of two trainee teachers, 与他们的学校导师合作,确保他们在实践中得到支持,自信地发展. Being involved in the programme in this role affords me the opportunity to develop my own leadership and gain a broader perspective of the challenges facing trainee teachers."

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English Mastery:
自2019年以来,英语系一直与英语掌握项目合作. The programme provides a knowledge-rich curriculum which takes a cumulative approach to studying the English literary canon and grammatical concepts. KS3 English teachers draw from the abundant bank of rigorous resources to design lessons which challenge and stimulate pupils.
Quote from Visit 1 Report: "圣约翰沃尔天主教学校的英语掌握bet36娱乐得到了良好的管理. 教师们正以忠实的态度提供英语掌握bet36娱乐的所有环节. 学生们对文学传承课和熟练写作课都表现出了极大的热情." (Eliza Grant, Mastery Link).

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Aston Villa Football Club
bet36亚洲版通过“机会计划”与阿斯顿维拉基金会建立了强有力的合作关系。.  这个以学校为基础的每周计划允许bet36亚洲版的几个学生参加体育和指导计划, working with youth workers.  We have seen the programme helping our pupils with mental health concerns, improving punctuality to school, and helping create a positive outlook.  

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IFS是一家跨国企业软件公司,总部设在瑞典. 该公司为世界各地的客户开发和交付企业软件. IFS sponsors the Computing department at Saint John Wall. Doing so has allowed the school to have a newly refurbished computer lab along with enabling the school to run the Computer Science GCSE qualification. The aim of the project is to provide pupils with the support and guidance needed to follow a career in software development and become the next generation of programmers.

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BBC Young Reporter
Saint John Wall Catholic School pupils have been participating in the BBC Young Reporter project since it was first launched as a pilot in 2007.  该项目使学生们能够成为崭露头角的记者,并报道对他们来说重要的新闻故事. Quote: "Pupils from Saint John Wall School continue to be involved in BBC Young Reporter works in partnership with schools, 大学和青年团体为年轻人提供创造内容和理解媒体所需的技能. 这个获奖项目支持年轻人的媒体技能和新闻素养, 以及了解广播行业的职业,并将与BBC分享自己的故事想法."

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North West Network DLP funding: 
Saint John Wall has received funding to run a SEND literacy Hub focusing on rapid intervention for pupils from our network of 20 secondary schools. The Hub is well underway, and we have hosted pupils from Holyhead, Holte, Hamstead Hall, Jewellery Quarter Academy, Nishkam, City Academy and Heartlands Academy. 
数据显示,这些项目对学生产生了真正的影响,典型的反馈是 它帮助我理解了更多的新单词,我也乐于学习更多对我有帮助的技能. 我甚至喜欢读以前从未读过的新书,这让我很开心。”. (Year 8 pupil Holyhead School). 

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Woodrush Training Consortium
Woodrush Training Consortium recruits School Direct trainee teachers for Primary and Secondary subjects through their partnership with The University of Birmingham, Worcester and Warwick. Saint John Wall's specialist staff deliver training to both the primary and secondary cohort of trainees each year on how to support pupils with English as an Additional Language. This includes an understanding of the difficulties that EAL pupils face and exploring strategies to support pupils and make lessons accessible. Woodrush trainees comment each year on how useful they find the sessions in equipping them to better support EAL pupils. 

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University of Derby
Since 2019,Hannah Valenzuela, who is a teacher and researcher at the University of Derby, has been carrying out research with EAL learners in our school. 这项研究是关于EAL学生如何与周围的人互动的, 以及它如何帮助他们创造一种可能影响他们在学校成功的学习自我意识. The research is not about teaching strategies or classroom management and is undertaken with the pupils' voices in the foreground. It involves pupil trails with newly-arrived EAL pupils, as well as interviews with those pupils and staff.  "The school is a welcoming space for the research project, which will contribute to knowledge and understanding about how newly-arrived bilingual learners settle into English school life. 合作伙伴关系也为bet36亚洲版的学生提供了eal专家就业机会. This impacts very positively on their development into English language practitioners through hands-on experience in a highly-skilled EAL department."

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ITTs and ECTs
We work with various ITT providers to train new teachers. These providers include: Teach Central, Future Teaching Scholars, Birmingham City University, Bishop Challoner Training School Alliance, University of Birmingham, Titan, Newman University, South Birmingham SCITT and Teach First. Quote from our Teach First Development Lead: "The pupils and staff made a really good impression on me.  I have never visited or worked in a school in your area before, 在我所观察的三节课中,学生们表现出的行为和尊重给我留下了深刻的印象. They were calm and well behaved on entering their lessons – they were focused and engaged in their learning – and it was so positive to see the Teach First Year 2 trainees being able to enjoy their teaching and relationships with their classes. From the staff in reception, the staff who guided me around the site and to the staff I met in the staff room and in the classrooms – everyone was very friendly and welcoming."
bet36亚洲版也与本地教学学校中心-亚瑟特里合作,以满足bet36亚洲版的法定入职要求. They work with the Education Development Trust to deliver the Full Induction Programme to our Early Career Teachers (ECTs). Arthur Terry is also our Appropriate Body for the registration, 在他们入职的第一年和第二年监测和评估ect.

Brilliant Club
英才俱乐部为8年级的学生提供奖学金计划. On the programme, our learners work with a university researcher to give them experience of what it's like to study at university and develop their knowledge, skills, 和信心.

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Bouncing Statistics
Bouncing Statistics is a local community interest company based in Birmingham that exists to support and develop young people aged 9-25 in Birmingham to ‘bounce statistics’ and achieve greatness despite any adversities, stereotypes or barriers they have to overcome. It provides young people with the skills and experiences which are vital for everyday life and for pursuit of their goals and targets. bet36亚洲版已经和bounce Statistics的导师Ryan安排了一个指导计划. This programme supports pupils identified by the Pastoral team.

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Ten Ten
Ten Ten is a Catholic organisation created to support schools in their delivery of their Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum. Ten Ten订阅为学校提供资源,帮助学校社区在信仰上成长, love, understanding and compassion. Ten Ten创造了一系列独特的丰富的媒体节目和资源, inspired by the Christian faith.

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Police and Schools Panel
Saint John Wall Catholic School is committed to keeping our pupils safe, both in school and the wider community.  As part of our safeguarding arrangements, bet36亚洲版与西米德兰兹郡警方签订了双向信息共享协议.  The agreement is compliant with Crime & Disorder Act 1998Data Protection Act 2018 – 2021 Update and United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation (UK-GDPR); and focuses on preventing young people from becoming involved or further involved in crime and anti-social behaviour, as either a victim or offender.
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and Schools Panel

We have worked closely with PixL (Partners in Excellence) since 2015. PixL’s main aim is to improve life chances and outcomes for young people. PixL provides senior and middle leaders support, 实用的解决方案和策略,对圣约翰沃尔的学生的结果和性格产生影响. 高级和中级领导参加国家和主题特定的会议,以支持领导策略, CPD and essential pedagogy and educational process. 员工重视PixL提供的专业发展和社交机会. The schools PixL Associate recently added in a report about the school, “The CPD offered for staff reflects on the concepts, knowledge and skills required by the pupils to succeed. The outcomes that the pupils achieve at the school are excellent.”

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Stepping Forward

Stepping Forward与St John Wall合作超过5年. 职业和与工作相关的教育是更广泛的bet36娱乐的重要组成部分. 作为一个独立的职业服务机构,bet36亚洲版的目标是提供公正的建议和指导, to support students in broadening their horizons, raising aspirations and reaching their own career ambitions.